INS Farms’ Elder Pure Tru-ID Certified

PURDY, MO – INS Farms has announced that its flagship North American black elderberry ingredient Elder Pure is now Tru-ID certified. Elder Pure is US-cultivated Sambucus nigra and is a sustainable source that can be authenticated, according to INS Farms CEO Devon Bennett.

The Tru-ID testing certification “authenticates that the elderberry is the species we have identified in the polyphenol fingerprint,” Bennett said. “This DNA test is the primordial step towards detecting – and preventing – adulteration, especially as demand for elderberry products continues to climb.”

INS Farms’ Elder Pure ingredients that are certified under the Tru ID program are organic elderberry juice powder, conventional juice powder, whole fruit powder and liquid extract syrup.

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About INS Farms

Located in Purdy, MO, INS Farms is the largest grower, processor and supplier of black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) in North America. INS Farms is a vertically integrated, sustainable company that controls the quality from seed to manufacturer and provides a guaranteed supply of quality elderberry all year round. The company has the distinction of being the fastest growing black elderberry grower and processor in the United States.