Our Story

Located in Purdy, Missouri, INS Farms was founded by CEO Devon Bennett and partner Brittany Lueckenhoff and is the largest grower/processor and supplier of black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) in North America. Bennett and his team began planting American elderberry in 2013 and founded INS Farms in 2015. Today, INS farms has more than 100 acres of the sought after super fruit, with another 160 acres in development. INS Farms is a vertically integrated, sustainable company that controls the quality from seed to manufacturer and provides a guaranteed supply of quality berry ingredients all year round. The family-owned company has the distinction of being the fastest black elderberry grower and processor in the United States.

FArming Elderberries

INS Farms partners with companies such as Norm’s Farms to create science-driven products made with quality ingredients. INS Farms also partners with other nutritional farm-to-table companies such as Fruit d’Or, Asiros, and Taiyo who produce quality, science-based ingredients.

History of Elderberry

  • Known as the queen of botanicals

  • Hippocrates referred to elderberry as nature’s medicine chest

  • Considered a holy tree capable of restoring good health and longevity

  • Flowers used for skin complexion

  • Juice used to aid burns and scalds

  • Wood used to make woodwind musical instruments

Throughout history, the elderberry plant has often been associated with strength, protection, softness, and light. It has been recognized for its healing properties and played a key role in folklore for centuries. The Scottish believed the wood of the elderberry protected homes from evil spirits. The Iroquois used a tea made from the bark of the elderberry to treat measles and headaches. They also used it as a poultice for cuts. In recent years, scientific studies have shown that the compelling benefits of elderberry apply to modern medicine and recognition of its healing properties are growing. During the 1995, the government used elderberry to help fight the flu epidemic in Pamama. That same year, the German Commission E (German FDA) approved elderberry for treatment of coughs, bronchitis, fever, and colds.

Benefits of Elderberry


Boosts Immune System

  • Antibacterial properties

  • Twice the vitamin C of oranges

  • Three times the antioxidants of blueberries


High Fiber Content

  • 40% of daily fiber needs

  • Aids digestive health

  • May help remove excess cholesterol levels


Improves Body Functions

  • Aids bone strength

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Helps regulate insulin and glucose levels

Elderberry Every Day for Everyone.