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We craft and manufacture custom nutritious gummy supplements that your consumers will crave using natural, science-based ingredients designed precisely to your specifications.

  • NSF Certified
  • Starchless
  • Multiple Stock Formulations
  • Different Sizes, Shapes & Colors
  • Innovative Formulations
  • U.S. Gummy Manufacturing
  • Custom Bottling & Packaging

NSF Certified.

Choosing a product certified by NSF lets you know the company complies with strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF. From extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced plant inspections, every aspect of a product’s development is thoroughly evaluated before it can earn our certification.

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From seed to supplement, we make mouth-watering, nutraceutical gummies. The details are up to you.


Innovative Ingredient

Yummy gummies start with quality ingredients. Choose one of our formulas
or create your own.

Custom Gummy Manufacturing

U.S. Based Gummy

Our modern
gummy facility is fully equipped
and centrally located for your convenience.

Custom Bottling
+ Packaging

Cost effective packaging?
Custom bottling? We deliver your gummies in whatever form you need.

Full Service Fulfillment
+ Distribution

Ready to distribute your gummies? Let us handle the logistics and get your finished product on the shelves ASAP.


A Formulation Experience Focused on You

We partner with vertically integrated ingredient suppliers that are rooted in science from around the globe. Our ingredients offer unique, patented delivery systems with a 100% traceable supply chain. And each stock or custom formulation is stability tested to ensure we deliver consistent quality. Whether you’re looking for a white label project or want to build your gummies from scratch, our expert team can guide you through the process.

Popular Stock Formulations

Apple Cider Vinegar
Mitoheal/Beauty from Within

Stock Formulations

INS Daily Immune Antioxidant Gummies


Our organic elderberry gummies are vegan, gluten free, Non-GMO and don’t contain any corn syrup, glucose, or artificial sweeteners. Each dose is crafted with 195mg of scientifically-proven elderberry and essential nutrients like zinc, vitamin C, and probiotics.

INS Immune+Boost Antioxidant Gummies

Apple Cider Vinegar

Immune+Boost Gummies are specially formulated to naturally boost immune health, metabolism and overall wellness. We added Apple Cider Vinegar with The Mother and Vitamin B12 to our farm-fresh elderberry to craft a great-tasting, wellness-promoting gummy

INS Immune+Calm Antioxidant Gummies


Ashwagandha Gummies are designed with all-natural ingredients to promote stress relief, relaxation and increased cognitive function. Our vegan, gluten free gummies combine Ashwagandha and L-Theanine with our signature elderberry to keep your body and mind healthy and happy. 

INS Immune+Sleep Antioxidant Gummies


Immune+Sleep Gummies are crafted with all-natural ingredients to promote healthy immune function and restful sleep. Our recipe combines our signature elderberry with Melatonin and Suntheanine (L-Theanine) to naturally encourage night after night of deep, replenishing sleep

Daily Refresh Antioxidant Gummies with Mitoheal

MitoHeal (Red + Black Currant)

This proprietary blend of select varieties of redcurrant and blackcurrant is designed to be the ultimate Beauty from Within and healthy mood and sleep ingredient. Just one, 500 mg gummy, once a day is all that is needed for healthier skin, hair, and nails, and improved overall well-being.

This great tasting MitoHeal Gummy is naturally flavored with no added coloring or artificial sweeteners.

Safety, consistency, and quality are paramount.

Centrally located in Mount Vernon, Missouri, our on-staff food scientists and culinary experts deliver consistent, yummy gummies with a balanced flavor and texture, while our quality assurance team ensures product testing and safety standards are met or exceeded. Our facility offers both starch and starchless equipment, allowing us to deliver high and low volumes based on unique customer needs. We are FDA Registered, cGMP, Certified Organic, have a dedicated probiotic line, and are an NSF certified dietary supplement plant.


INS makes things simple. We’ll partner with you to create fresh, natural, healthy gummies. From concept to fulfillment, we’re here for you.

Bottling + Packaging

Bulk packaging. Pouches. Bottling. We have you covered. Whether you need a shelf-ready product or gummies in bulk, we deliver.

Fulfillment + Distribution

We help make things simple. Coordinating, packing, shipping—let us take care of the logistics. We can deliver and distribute your customized, nutraceutical gummies reliably and efficiently. Wherever, whenever.

gummy supplement<br />

Innovative Natural Solutions is a U.S.-based gummy supplement manufacturer that got its start with a need.

When INS Farms—the leading grower and producer of elderberries in North America—needed a manufacturer to produce a new line of nutraceutical gummies, they were met with the long lead times and too-large minimum quantities of an exploding industry. Demand was high; manufacturers to choose from were few and far between. Getting a finished product in a timely manner seemed impossible. But they turned obstacles into opportunity by founding INS, a premium gummy

manufacturing company meant to serve the unique needs of the growing industry.

We want to work with you from concept to creation. We take pride in our rich history of industry knowledge, scientific research, and clinically proven ingredients sourced from like-minded companies. At INS, we strive to build relationships with customers and brands to achieve long-term success.

Who We Are  |  Core Values

  • Do the right thing
  • Serve others
  • Learn, Understand, Share
  • Sweat the Execution
  • Be your authentic self

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